We are a husband and wife dou who believes that every person is born with a creative potential. Our mission is to inspire people like you to embrace creativity in whatever medium and embark into an exciting journey of doing the things that make you come alive.

Kris is a painter of meditative dreamscapes. He is an artist (and a registered nurse) who never ceases to explore beauty that brings us peace and serenity. In his paintings  he aims to capture the emotions of untold yet familiar stories that are close to our hearts. He exhibits extensively in major art shows and galleries both in Australia and New Zealand.

Aileen is a creative soul who utilises various media (drawing, watercolour, quilting) for her artistic expression. She is passionate in using art as a way to bring positivity and creativity in life. She is paediatric nurse who also channels her art of caring towards her plant babies.


39 thoughts on “About

  1. Congrats kris and aileen… You are both amazing in your God’s given talent… Continue inspiring others…. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH


  2. Wowww congratulations kris and aileen! It’s good to know that your heavenly gifts are shared to us, inspiring us to draw positivity in life. Go go go kris and aileen 😍


    1. Wow! Thank you so much for the encouragement Ate Juanita. We owe it all to the Lord. He has just lent us our talents and gifts so we are just giving it back to Him.


      1. Oh, Kris and I are from Bohol. But we speak the same dialect as your wife. I have stayed in Cebu for 2 years and I like it there. It’s a busy place but if you go somewhere away from the city, you would definitely enjoy the other side of Cebu such as the beautiful beaches and mountains. πŸ™‚ How’s your wife? Please Say Hello from us.


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