A Trip to a Filipino Store in Sydney, Australia

It’s hard to be away from the place you have lived majority of your life. Kris and I were born in the Philippines where we finished our studies before starting a new life in New Zealand then moved to Australia. Along with the new adventures come some challenges in adopting to a new culture, tradition and food as well.

Craving Filipino dishes on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas is not easy. Most of the time we have to learn how to cook and bake from scratch since it’s difficult to find a shop that sells these traditional meals and sweets. We do find ways to get them as it’s not only the taste that we want but also the experience and the memories that come back to us every time we have a bite.

Good thing we have Filipino Stores around Australia that bring home closer to us by selling familiar ingredients and goods. Kris and I were so glad to discover this particular Filipino Store in Sydney where we found most of the food and groceries that we crave for.

We hope that this post could help our fellow kababayans who are looking for a filipino grocery shop where you could also dine in and enjoy their delicious meals. Enjoy!

Come and visit them at 211 Marrickville Road, Marrickville NSW or follow and like their Facebook Page @ Filo Pride by clicking HERE!

9 thoughts on “A Trip to a Filipino Store in Sydney, Australia

  1. Good for you that you found that shop! We all seem to have our home food cravings! Although for me as a vegetarian it is not so much the German food, which is very much meat based, but more special ingredients. The food of my new home country Denmark is also very “meaty”. So I do prefer the Asian kitchen with the many vegetrian and vegan choices.


    1. Hi Vinneve, yes we lived in Wellington for a few years before Kris and I moved to Australia. People say it is noisy and that Sydney is a very big city with a lot of people. Yes it is, but to us it is a very fun and exciting place to live. Before the lockdown, we get to visit different cafes and restaurants, do a lot of window shopping and frequently visit the beach. Everything is about less than 30 minutes by public transport where we live at. Life gets bigger when you are in a metropolitan area. New Zealand will always be home to us but we feel that Australia is a place where endless possibilities could happen. 🙂 We hope you and your family could come and visit Sydney.

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