3 Easy Steps on How to Clean the Kitchen Fast, Efficient and Fun!

Storm after the party! LOL!

OK! Let’s face it.

It’s hard to clean up after the party.

Kris and I will share to you how to clean up your kitchen in a fast, efficient and fun way by just remembering this 3 steps.

1. It should always be a TEAMWORK!

No matter how small it is, even throwing the garbage in the bin outside or wiping the plates dry can make a big difference.

Try to involve everyone.

Families with small children can take this opportunity to teach kids how to work as a team. Give high fives every after task finished.

2. Turn the TIMER on!

This is my favourite part. It’s in our nature to race with deadlines. Kris says he works more efficiently when he knows his art show is going to be in a few weeks time and I hurry to work so I won’t be late.

Why don’t we apply this to cleaning?

Putting a time boundary in tidying up the kitchen saves you from spending a longer time cleaning up. I finish putting up everything in it’s order with an average of 20-40 minutes. Before, I use to maybe spend 1 hour or more. This of course depends on how heavy the load is.

No! I don’t take time in the kitchen not unless I’m cooking or baking which I don’t really mind.

Since then, it has helped us keep track of our precious time and we ended up cleaning the kitchen quickly. We now have more time to spend with other important things like going out for coffee or gardening. 🙂

You can do this with kids as well. You can call it ” The Amazing Kitchen race”! Sounds fun!

3. Work from LEFT to RIGHT!

Have you ever thought of where do I even starrrrt?

There are a lot of ways to know where to start but as for me, I start working from the left to the right side of the kitchen. Why? because this way I find it accomplishing to see little achievements. For example, seeing the left side of the kitchen bench clean makes me feel good and that I just have to move forward to clean up the whole space.

Thanks for reading our blog everyone! Let us know if this kitchen hack has helped you. We hope to hear from your stories and would absolutely like to know what are your other techniques on how to clean your kitchen in a fast, efficient and fun way.

Lots of love,

Kris and Aileen