Easy Nappy Cake for Baby Shower

My friend celebrated her baby shower so I decided to make a nappy cake. I haven’t made one before but it was worth the try and she loved it.

To anyone of you who wishes to be a bit crafty and bring something different to a family or a friend’s baby shower here are the steps on how I made it. It’s super easy and so much fun. All you have to buy is the nappy, most of the materials can be found at home and just look for ribbons in your sewing box and tadahhh! 😉

Materials needed: Nappies, empty paper towel roll, scissors, tapes, round cake board, accessories such as colourful ribbons and any kind of cute decorations that you wish to put around the cake.
Secure the bottom of the empty paper towel roll to the centre of the cake board. Put as much tape as you can.
1st tier: Put as many nappies according to the size you want. To make it more full in the bottom layer, add 1 nappy to the centre. Use a large elastic band to hold them together as it makes it a lot easier to form a circle. Tie it with a ribbon. 2nd and 3rd tiers: Put lesser amount of nappies each tier and tie it with a ribbon.

I have added in a lot of ribbon collections from previous art projects. The Peter Rabbit cupcake topper was bought from Crabtree and Evelyn’s shop few years ago which I have kept for my craft selections.

Thanks for reading everyone and let’s go crafting!



Making a Fairy House Garden

Kris and I love gardening. Last summer of 2018 we wanted to take it to a different level by experimenting on making a fairy house garden. It was a trial and error that turned out very well.

We got our materials from Bunnings and Warehouse (our favourite shops). I swear Kris and I go to that place every other week to have a window shopping date. We can stay there for half a day or even a whole day. They have got amazing coffee and food too.

We were so excited to start the project when we got home. I must confess it was me who was the most enthusiastic about this project. LOL! As evidenced by the photos.

When I was a kid I believed in fairies as tiny as Thumbelina from a children’s classic fairytale book. I must have kept the unconscious drive to build a house for the fairies since I was young.

It’s not easy to purposely break a perfect and new terracotta pot and I was hesitating to smash it with the hammer. I felt bad doing it but eventually reassured to know that I am making a beautiful fairy house project.

I started to fill the broken pot with the soil and used the broken pieces to hold the soil in place. Then I planted the flowers at the top and succulents at the bottom. Lastly, I placed the fairy house and decorated the walk path with the white pebbles. It’s that easy! Trust me.

Surprisingly, I did not realise that the fairy house light up in the dark!!What a delight to see it glowing in the garden at night. I could imagine small fairies flying around it, making their dinner then getting ready for bed.

You too could enjoy this simple project at home. For sure kids and adults would love to get involved with this great idea. It’s like gardening with a twist of art and fairytale. It’s also a reminder of something broken which may not be made whole again but can be turned into something beautiful. Gosh! it gave me a life lesson too.

Thinking of making one as well? Here’s a list of the things that you need.

  1. Large Terracotta Pot
  2. Soil
  3. Fairy House
  4. Flowers
  5. Succulents
  6. White pebbles
  7. Hammer

Enjoy! 🙂