When birds are better at doing Social Distancing

Kris and I have potted plants and flowers in our tiny balcony where birds do come and visit once in a while. We sometimes put our leftover fruits and give them to the passing birds to feed. In Australia, Lorikeet birds are everywhere. They are adored for their vibrant colours and and beauty. This particular Lorikeet frequently visits us ever since when we offered it water and bird food during the hot summer when there were bushfires around country. It is such a joy to have them around especially in this challenging season of isolation and social distancing.

Speaking of social distancing, this has been imposed in most counties around the world to stop the spread of this deadly virus. I think some birds are way ahead compared to some us in practicing this. And here’s a video to prove my point:

I think when you are being kind and mindful to these tiny beings, they remember your deed and now they keep coming back. Getting visits from them every now and then is very entertaining. Sometimes I reflect and envy their freedom. We humans are kept at home while they are free to fly wherever they want to go.

I guess this is an important reminder that we are all a part of the circle of life. No matter how small, big, or whatever kind of living being, we all live in the same planet and we all have part to play that could make an impact to everyone.


Here’s the full video if you are keen to watch:

16 thoughts on “When birds are better at doing Social Distancing

  1. We used to have rainbow lorikeets visiting our balcony in Ryde NSW before we moved to the country. We could hand feed them.

    Our current town in country NSW is supposed to be outside of the range of their habitat, but last year we started to see a pair perched in a neighbour’s tree.

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    1. Wow, must be the same Lori’s you befriended πŸ™‚ must have followed you or sent messages through bird cousins and friends πŸ™‚ Lori’s are the most beautiful and friendly birds we have encountered considering that they are wild birds here in the City. I think they are getting used to with human interaction. I just fed 4 of them an hour ago in our balcony. Funny, they feed in pairs while the other 2 patiently waits for their turn πŸ™‚


    1. LOL!! I was nervous about that too. There was no other place in our tiny apartment to put our laundry. Somehow, managed to get the birds compressed on the other side of the balcony and the laundry on the opposite side. Told them never ever poop or get our laundry dirty otherwise it will be the end of their free food treat. LOL! Somehow..they understood that! hahaha! oh,birds…

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