Toilet Paper Craze in Australia

“Too – late Paper”

There were viral videos circulating in the news and in Facebook where people are seen fighting in the Supermarket just to get a pack of toilet paper rolls recently… People are panicking and hoarding toilet papers due to coronavirus scare which leaves other shoppers with none. So, I went to investigate if the news I was seeing in TV is real.

It is indeed!

But why toilet paper? Why not over canned goods or food? I don’t understand at all.

To the hoarders/shoppers out there, please be considerate to the needs of other people especially to those who need it most such as our elderlies and people with physical disabilities.

As an alternative, we can always get back to the basic of using soap and water which is the best way to clean ourselves.

Always remember to clean your hands effectively for at least 20 seconds to stop the spread of harmful viruses and bacterias.


8 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Craze in Australia

  1. I guess toilet paper turns out to be the one thing we all have in common. We might not all eat tinned tomatoes or baked beans. I have stocked up my cupboards with dried couscous, noodles and freekah rather than tinned goods. But we all worry about running out of toilet paper.
    I searched four local supermarkets for toilet paper. None had any. But then I went back to the first to pick up some salad and cream cleaner, and I noticed they must have had a delivery since my visit a few hours earlier because they had loads of toilet paper. So I bought two packets of nine rolls. Normally I would just buy one pack at a time, but having to visit several supermarkets to find some completely freaked me out and I decided I should stock up!

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    1. Yeah, there were a group of us staring at the empty shelves yesterday shaking our heads in disbelief. I would understand x2 more than normal but those who takes a mountain full of whole shopping trolley with just toilet papers, I don’t understand. Tsk! I’m glad the supermarkets are now limiting packs for each person.

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  2. A personal bidet and a washcloth to dry off works very well, and doesn’t kill trees. In a pinch, any empty squirt bottle filled with warm water will do the trick, although I suggest trying it over the sink first to make sure the top won’t pop off when you squeeze that warm water out!
    Back when I was having babies, the hospital gave all of the new mothers a “peri bottle” for personal hygiene. This is no different – and it works!
    No TP shortage in our house – we have a couple of bidets. 🙂

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  3. It’s incredible, toilet paper has become a tight supply … We are a household paper manufacturer in China, and we also produce KN95 protective masks, please contact us if necessary.

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