Let’s Paint Together

Bird of Paradise

Few weeks ago Kris and I went to the City to buy his art supplies.

I look forward doing art supply shopping with Kris as I love looking at those beautiful display of colors in every corner of the art shop plus I get to buy tiny bits of pieces for myself such as color pencils and pens.

I won’t be doing anything that afternoon anyway so I randomly picked a table top easel, paint brushes, a small canvass and a few pieces of paint on sale.

My husband is a very talented artist who has done a lot of art shows and sold hundreds of paintings. He has been encouraging me to get back to my passion in drawing and painting so we could share the same hobby together. Wouldn’t be fun to paint and exhibit together as a couple? So, with no questions asked he’s gladly added my stuff to his cart.

I was so excited to get started as I opened my bag of art goodies. Kris set up my table top easel and taught me color priming techniques. He is a very good art teacher.

Looking for inspirations is not really that hard. I thought of things that makes me happy and for some reason I chose to paint the bird of paradise plant because of it’s brilliant colour that reminds me of tropical places like home in the Philippines.

Sketching on the plant was not that hard as I have been doing it before but I got a bit nervous picking up my new brush and dipping it to the acrylic paint then brushing it to the canvass. Kris taught me not to be scared as I can just cover mistakes with another layer color on top and just relax and enjoy!

True enough, I finished my painting that day and was very proud of my achievement. Thanks to my incredible art teacher/husband.

I came to realise it’s not too late to re visit an old passion and talent. It has always been there inside of me but I was just busy with some other things as well.

For some of you reading my blog, my paintbrush could be your book, a novel, a ball of yarn and needle, a fishing rod, it can be anything you love doing but somewhere sometime in the past you forgot about it.

Well, why don’t you re visit your old passion and re-connect with the things that you love doing most? It’s definitely worth the try!

If you wanna check my husband’s art pieces just visit his website at krisancog.com or search Kris Ancog on Instagram and Facebook.

Lots of L.O.V.E.

Aileen and Kris


11 thoughts on “Let’s Paint Together

  1. I like it, refreshing colours! I also do paint but using pastel only. I cannot draw still life without looking at the original that I can copy… so I cannot consider myself a real painter or so.

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  2. Home in the Philippines! I have a Philippino granddaughter and 4 great-granddaughters living in Manila! They are pretty stressed out by the pandemic, but their world is still full of bright color and family love. I do not have a natural talent like you, but I am learning, step by step, to paint watercolor flowers. It is easy to give up, but I want to do it so much that I keep coming back to it. Thank you for the encouragement!!

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    1. Thanks for your kind comment Grace. I hope you and your entire family is safe. Yeah, it can be scary out their but let us just put our hope and trust in God. 🙂 I admire your beauty inside and out. I remember my mum, I always remind her that wisdom comes with ageing and growing old is just a matter of physical change but the heart and spirit can always stay young. 🙂 God bless you dear! Let’s keep in touch through blogging. Cheers!


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