Monstera De MAFIA

How to look after your Monstera Deliciosa.

Kris and I are both plant lovers.

One of our favorite plant is called Monstera deliciosa.

Why is it called “deliciosa”? It’s because this plant eventually bears fruit that tastes so delicious. I haven’t tasted it yet but apparently it tastes like a combination of berries, passion fruit, pineapple and mango! Tropical huh? Fruit Salad in one plant! Yum!

This plant was gifted to me by my previous work colleagues before we left New Zealand. We bought it here from Flower Power Australia. Thank you ladies.

I don’t work for the real “Mafia” but in some workplaces, where a bunch of Filipino girls are working together we automatically get called “The Mafias”. We are of similar height, weight, hair and skin colour, and we go on tea’s and lunch breaks on a well organised time schedule – I guess that’s how they decided we behave like a mafia. So I named the plant after them.

This is our second Monstera plant. We sold our first monstera in NZ simply because we had to move overseas. We have looked after our Monstera plants very well and we do get a lot of queries on how to look after them.

I am going to share to you the most important tips to keep your Monstera strong and healthy.

  1. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat source. Monsteras like bright areas and should be placed under a shade.
  2. Use a LARGE POT with DRAINAGE. Monstera’s grow really BIG if well taken cared of and that’s what we all want. Good water drainage allows the plant to breathe and not drown in the water.
  3. Wipe the dust off from the leaves and mist with cold water. This helps the leaves absorb energy from the sunlight for growth. Spraying cold mist keeps them fresh just like having a shower.
  4. Rotate the pot at least once a week so all of the leaves are evenly spread out.
  5. Water thoroughly. Make sure that the top soil is completely dry before the next watering. Empty the drain every now and then.
  6. Water more in Summer than in Winter. Monstera is at it’s peak of growth around summer and slows down in Winter.
  7. Water with fertiliser mix at least every fortnight.
  8. Inspect for pests, scales and diseases hiding underneath the leaves and the stems.

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